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Travel broadens the mind

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Yes, it’s true and I fully agree with this statement. There are not so many things and activities, which would be so much useful, interesting and universal at once. I can be sure of it because of my experience.

Not so many years ago I lived in Moscow. I was married, had a highly-paid job in the office, my own flat and 2 cars, i.e. I was a typical specimen of the “middle class”. From the outside it could be seemed that I was glad, but really everything was not so easy – I liked my wok less and less, the relationships with my wife wasn’t cloudless too. Once I understood that I couldn’t live so further, and I decided to leave Moscow.

I retired from my company, bought a one-way-ticket and went to India. There I spent 3 unforgettable months. I lived in a small village on the coast of the Indian Ocean. There were many people from different countries, including Russia. We spoke about our lives, lay in the tender sun, bathed in huge waves of the ocean. It was very much different from my previous life. The wonderful Indian nature, doing yoga daily and much exotic fruit helped me to forget about Moscow’s life and to switch my problems off. India is a place of a big spiritual power and I could feel myself as a small part of something great.

When the time leaving India came, I arrived at some important conclusions. Each human with his “big” problems is only a small grain of sand on an international scale. Everything on the Earth is in global harmony. Life is broader than you can imagine yourself. Every man must try something absolutely new in his life at least one time.

But I didn’t go home to Russia and decided to continue my travel. Because I spent my money rationally, at that moment I had such possibility. My choice fell on Thailand – many people around me went there and I heard many positive things about this country.

The most part of the foreigners prefer to live in Thailand at the seaside of Pattaya on the coast of Siam. Half century ago it was a small fishing village. During Vietnam War Thailand placed on its territory American military bases and one of them was not far away from Pattaya. Thailand wasn’t a rich country, that’s why a place of the concentration of solvent foreigners fast began to attract Thai people. And because those foreigners were young soldiers many nice ladies came to Pattaya. Many children were born in those relationships it changed Pattaya forever. This city became not as other Thailand, became the place of the interlacement of European, American and Asian cultures, and became the city of love, sin and tolerance. Pattaya seemed to me a good place for changing my emotions after India with its quiet sweets. And I didn’t mistake.

Thailand wasn’t like as Moscow and as India. This country has a nickname “Land of smiles” and it is absolutely right. Thai nature and people are very friendly. There are many kinds of fruit and vegetables there, and the weather helps to have 2-3 harvesters yearly. That’s why there isn’t a conception “empty stomach” in Thailand. When your look meets with the looks of Thai people, they almost always smile. Almost everybody is merry and cheerful. I think that it is because of the weather conditions and primary religion – Buddhism. All the people and animals live in a full harmony, e.g. cats and dogs aren’t at enmity with each other. Thai children are the best children in the world. They are too pretty, behave themselves very well and don’t disturb their parents and other adults around them.

In Thailand I had much free time, therefore I decided to spend it for those things, which I didn’t have time to do in Moscow. I began to go in the gym and to study English. I traveled across Thailand, met and communicated with people from different countries.

I lived in Thailand more than 2 years, and that my big trip changed me very much. I never will be like I was before. I saw a very different life, and it helped me to arrive at some conclusions:

The world is very different, and we can have only one possibility to know another life – to travel more.

Good knowledge of English helps us to communicate more and to do our travels more useful and nicer.

Human always can change his life if he really wants it.

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