Anpilogova Galina, 54 years old
Face-to-face communication is better than other types of communication such as letters, email, or telephone calls

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Anpilogova Galina, 54 years old

Some people say that face-to-face communication is better. I want to tell about it.

There are some types of communication. There is a face-to face communication, letters, email or telephone calls.

Let’s consider face-to face communication. This is the nicest communication for friends or a company. We can feel warm, pleasure, fun. We can get “the greatest magnificence is people’s communication”, - said Exupery such so.

We can argue, cry, laugh, dance, eat and drink. This we can experience it together.  Generally speaking, life is face-to-face communication. Only so we learn agree with people in the right way, work with people, spend our time together, and many other things.

Then we consider letters. Letters are needed. Letters are needed for business, of course. Some people like to write. I like to write, for example. I like envelopes and stamps, ink and best paper. A person gets a letter. It is very pleasant! It’s a great pity, but letters time will not return.   Private letter is a contemplation. It is useful in our time of stupid TV.   

Letter is slowly. Now we have email. Email is very conveniently and fast. Usually email is short. We have little time now. So, there are some people which write a lot of in email. Usually it is not interesting.

I am writing now and thinking, that lately time I like to write letters on computer.  I can see all letter and correct the text quickly.  It is convenient. 

Then we have the last, telephone calls. We can’t live without the telephone. How did we live without a telephone earlier? I don’t know. But we lived. The telephone is a very handy thing for our life and for communication.

I very value Skype. I think that it is better than telephone. 

I like to talk, you see, but it is difficult for me to speak in English. I hope that I have already written two hundred words.

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