Ekaterina Nachkebiya , 21 years old
Computer and smartphones have destroyed communication among friends and family

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Computer and smartphones have destroyed communication among friends and family

I partially agree with this statement. Nowadays, the computers, and especially smartphones, are the companions of a man. Computers expand our capabilities, they allow you to work, communicate, shop, and find information without leaving home. But sometimes people forget that  computer should not replace live communication. Such people cease to pay attention to other things in their life, they completely sink into a virtual life. This behavior leads to quarrels within couples and between parents and children.

Smartphones also make changes in our life. By phone we are always connected. Now, in order to say something important you don't need to meet, you can just call. Modern phones give the possibility to access the Internet, be free to communicate with your families if you are abroad. But phones ruins live communication. Why do we have to meet, if I can call or write a message? Even when people meet in the cafe or elsewhere, phones are always with them and they always hold them in their hands. There are many interesting apps and games in modern phones, for someone it becomes more interesting than live communication.

I think that computers and phones are very useful, they allow you to break the distance between people, gives us the opportunity to find something or someone. But everyone should remember that nothing replaces a human interaction and that computer or phone will not take care of you, if  you lose people because of habit to be always in the phone or computer.

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