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Some people dream of becoming rich whereas

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Some people dream of becoming rich whereas

It is said that money brings misfortune, but a lot of people dream of becoming rich. It goes without saying that money gives us stability and the opportunity of choice, but also it can be dangerous.

On the one hand, if you are rich, you can afford everything you want. You can live in a big comfortable house and engage servants to look after it. You can wear modern expensive clothes and drive a high-class car. Your children can get an excellent education. From my point of view, the most attractive thing you can do with money is to travel a lot. You can visit different countries and see plenty of interesting places, which you do not see if you travel by conventional tourist’s routes.

On the other hand, if you are rich, you likely work a lot and have little time to enjoy the opportunities of wealthy life. Rich people often do not feel satisfied and want more and more money. Furthermore, big money can bring big problems if you are involved in criminal business. In addition, according to psychological researches, people, who suddenly got rich, might have psychological problems because they are not ready to be rich. They might pour money down the drain or lose a sense of life.

In my opinion, money is a very good thing. Everything depends on people’s attitude to them.

It is considered, that one thing you cannot buy for money. It is health. I partly agree with that. Of course, there are many rich people, who died from incurable diseases, but in many cases people die because they cannot afford an expensive treatment. Nowadays there are lots of charitable foundations, collecting funds for ill children, whose parents do not have enough money to pay for their treatment.

In conclusion, I’d like to say that if I met a genie, I would ask him to give me the ability to have such amount of money which I need every moment of my life.

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