Наталья Тюрина/Natalya Tyurina 29 лет/29 Years old.
My 8th of March of 2015

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 Наталья Тюрина/Natalya Tyurina 29 лет/29 Years old

I felt the smells of this holiday on the 6th of March because it was the last work day before a long weekend consisted of three days. In the morning I decided to congratulate all my female colleagues by e-mail. I have never done it before. It was the step out of my usual behavior, so I extended my comfort zone. On writing the letter’s text I found out the exact name of the holiday by internet. It was the women day and the international peace day. I was wondered at having the second meaning of the holiday and I liked it very much. I composed a short text, decorated the letter by smiles and beautiful pictures and sent it to all the women of our company. I was satisfied. From time to time I got reciprocal letters with warm wishes. I saw that some women were warm and wished good. I was glad at seeing it.

At the end of this working day I and my subordinates celebrated this date in our cabinet. We have a tradition of celebrating holidays together and we like it very much. We were talking, drinking champagne, eating a little and exchanging gifts. I got a wonderful thing! It was a little juicer for citrus plants! I was really surprised at my colleague paying so careful attention to me.

 Наталья Тюрина/Natalya Tyurina 29 лет/29 Years old.


On the 8th of March my morning started from a pleasant lesson of English with my favourite Oleg Vladimirovich :) Then I had a dancing lesson with wonderful girls and my beloved tutor Olya. After the lesson having finished all the girls and I presented our collective gift to Olya and took photos.

Наталья Тюрина

I couldn’t enjoy these moments deeply because I was nervous. I had prepared presents for Olya and her 6 year old daughter Alisa. I had cooked Tiramisu for Olya and had bought clothes and a sympathetic toy rabbit in a pink little cap for the little girl. I liked this toy very much! I charged him by tenderness and asked him to love Alisa very much and to care of her. After the lesson I just gave the gifts to Olya and Alisa without any openhearted words and emotions. I was afraid and confused. They thanked me and I went away.

When I came home I spent time alone by drinking, eating and watching films as usual. I cried much. It was a pity that I couldn’t express my feelings freely yet. I want to spend holidays with my closed people in gladness, comfort and happiness. I want to express myself freely and present my love by many ways including warm words, embraces, gifts, food and pleasant memories and I also want to allow people giving me love too and to accept them in the whole with pleasure and gladness.

Наталья Тюрина

My next 8th of March is better, I believe in it !!! :)

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